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Owen Reilly dag 11

Owen Reilly, ik mocht foto`s maken toen je veilig in je mama`s buik zat, ik mocht op de 3e dag na je geboorte de meest

Welkom… lieve Niels

Wens…Wonder…Werkelijkheid…Welkom… lieve Niels

Lucas en Noud

“Becaus I have a brother I `ll always have a friend”

Gio newbornsessie

“Life comes a full circle when you see for yourself, a new life that you made”  

Maternityshoot J & W

“We all need something to believe in, something for which we can have whole -hearted enthusiasm. We need to feel

Vince 1 year milestone session

Vince over 2 dagen word je 1 jaar! Ik herinner me als de dag van gister dat ik 2 dagen na je geboorte prachtige foto`s

Zwangerschapsshoot Krista en Remco

_ No one will ever underdstand my love for you… because you are the only one who knows how my heart sounds from

Newborn puppy shoot

Newborn puppy shoot 9 kleine puppy`s 🙂  


And then YOU came into our lives, things will never be the same, everything become more beautiful, prettier,